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Brandon Horschig joined Blue Valley Lacrosse as Director in 2019, overseeing the growth and development of lacrosse in the area. He brings with him a passion for youth development and all things lacrosse, and a vast experience of playing and coaching. Brandon oversees the day-to-day operations of Blue Valley Lacrosse and is in charge of the strategic growth and development of lacrosse throughout the area.

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Brandon Horschig

A St. Louis native, took the reigns of Blue Valley Lacrosse in 2019, giving BV the advantage of having the only full-time lacrosse provider directing a spring club in the Kansas City area.  


In 2015 coach Horschig established KC Heartland Lax Club which serves as an off-season training & league provider, open to all boys and girls in the area.  Heartland Lacrosse has grown to become the largest and most efficient club in providing a high level of instruction and organization through training and competition for boys and girls ages 3 - 18 in Kansas City.

Also in 2015 Brandon took over Prairie Village Lacrosse providing a first class Spring organization for youth boys and girls in the Shawnee Mission area.

In 2016 Coach Horschig opened Kansas City's only specialized lacrosse retailer, KC Lacrosse Shop, whom provides equipment, service, and a hub for new lacrosse players to see information regarding the landscape in the area.

In 2018 Brandon desired to share his KC Heartland Lacrosse model, which produces on average 50 new players each season, to other midwest markets in need for a professional program provider.  Its then that led to the formation of Ozark Mountain Lacrosse, which is a year round lacrosse provider for all of North West Arkansas boys and girls ages 3 - 18.

In 2019 Brandon moved the KC Lacrosse Shop into the Lacrosse Fieldhouse, located in Waldo, a indoor turf & training facility.

In 2021 Brandon merged KC Heartland with the only other local club, Blue Lions, to bring the lacrosse community together and simplify the avenue to play lacrosse.


Coach Horschig is driven by his unmatched passion for the game and ability to organize and structure incomparable programs that produce growth and development for all players.

Brandon resides in Lee's Summit with his wife Mackenzie, daughters Nevaeh, Maebri, and sons Sawyer and August.



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